Security gates

RFID security gateway immediately establishes whether it moves the medium secure RFID chip with the security code (called. AFI's apartment). Unauthorized borrowing so will cause alarm and notify the staff of the library of light and an audible alarm. Optionally, you can add the program to the gate of the Smartgate manager for more detailed records captured by the media.

Security gate Smartgate 400

RFID security gate finds out immediately, if a medium equipped with a RFID chip with a set up security code (the so called AFI bit) is moving through it. An unauthorized loan will create a light and sound alarm, the gate can also be connected to an automatic door opening mechanism (if the doors allow it). Part of the security gate is an internal both-ways counter of persons that went through it. The distance of the two gate stands can be up to 90 cm, wider entrances can be secured by connecting several stands. Optionally, it is possible to supply together with the gate a program Smartgate manager for a more detailed breakdown of captured media. 


Security gate Smartgate 600

The latest type of gate. The practical function goes hand in hand with an elegant and modern appearance. Smartgate is 600 fully equipped, has a built-in bidirectional counter passes and the automatic standby mode. You can move the margin stands up to a generous distance of 160 cm. With the benefit of this can be the gateway to use two racks in many situations where it would be needed in the three different type of stands the gate of RFID. It is possible to link up to 8 racks and cover the breadth of the pass so 11.2 m.




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