Work stations

Work Station Smartstation

A device, which enables computer programs to write data on the RFID chips or to read their content by connecting to the computer. It consists of the RFID reader itself, that has an A4 sized antenna connected to it. If the specific library systems allows it, it is possible to perform a full integration of the RFID technology into that system. In other case, a partial integration is done by an external program. The work station is used for the functionality of two main programs. The first one is a so called incializing SW, securing a fast initialization and reading of the labels, which would be especially appreciated when transfering the library holdings from e.g. bar code technology to RFID. The second area of using the work station is with the circulation proces (book loans and returns) when updating the data on the RFID label.

Staffstation Smartstation 100

Staffstation consists of the RFID readers with attached antenna of A4 size. The reader is connected to the PC via USB. Several books can be placed on antenna at one time and they can be processed in batch, if supported by the library system.


Staffstation Smartstation 200

This workstation is similar to SmartStation 100, but the antenna is shielded. This means that the reader only reads books lying on the antenna and no books beside the antenna or below.


Staffstation 3M  Workstation 895 / 896

Another type of workstation designed by 3M consists of a reader with pad antenna. After connecting to a computer can be used for both circulation and conversion (SW Tag Data Manager).




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